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We'll satisfy all of your tailoring needs a with our fast and efficient in-store service. Whether it's your ready-to-wear men's suit, sports jackets, or pants to casual and formal wear, we've got you covered. We specialize in alterations, repairs, shortening, tapering and hems to make you look and feel your best.

Pants / Slacks
Plain bottom$10.00
Plain bottom silk$13.00
Plain bottom by hand$13.00
Plain bottom with lining$15.00
Plain bottom with taper$15.00
Plain bottom - Jeans$15.00
Cuffs with lining $15.00
Cuffs & taper$17.00
Waist & seat$12.00
Waist & seat with belt loops$15.00
Waist (removing band)$30.00
Taper both leg seams$22.00
Taper inside or outside only$11.00
New zipper$12.00
Close 2 pockets$6.00
Remove / Add buttons$6.50
Brace buttons$6.50

Take in darts$10.00
Sides in$15.00
Remove collars$10.00
Shorten sleeves$20.00
Move buttons (each button)$2.00

Suits / Sport Coats
Temporary sleeve jobs$10.00
Sleeves lined (shorten / lengthen)$25.00
Sleeves unlined (shorten / lengthen)$15.00
Collar raise or lower$15.00
Into shoulder seams$18.00
Sides in (unlined)$15.00
Sides in (with 1 vents)$20.00
Sides in (with 2 vents)$25.00
Sides in (with 2 vents & center seam)$30.00
Half lining$15.00
Full lining$20.00
Any arm alteration$15.00
Shorten coat$40.00
Coat curve 2 vents$50.00
Remove shoulder pads$8.00
Add shoulder pads$12.00
Move buttons (each button)$2.00
Remove vents$30.00
Sleeve taper (unlined)$12.00
Sleeve taper (lined)$15.00
Side seams$15.00

Jean bottom$15.00
New zipper$15.00
Waist & darts$15.00
Remove belt loops$10.00
W & S - Open$20.00